After some deliberation, I decided to install the gage in a double man deer tree stand attached to a tree near the river. This created a new dilemma in that I didn’t have room enough for a nitrogen tank. The solution was to use a Design Analysis H-350XL DCP in combination with an H-3551 Gas Purge System.   The Design Analysis combination was the perfect answer and it fit in the tree stand gage house like a glove! Thanks Design Analysis, for creating such a compact and practical gas purge system, it saved the day for me.




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A Design Analysis success story

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Aug 23rd, 2011 - Brad Schaefermeyer Alan Robl

Due to a bridge replacement, I needed to install a temporary gage at Lamoine River near Colmar, Illinois. I could not find a suitable site with enough elevation to keep the gage above high water in case of a flood.  The only option open to me was to dig a trench about 300 feet to a location above the high water mark.

Alan Robl

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