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H-380 Relative Humidity / Temperature Probe & Radiation Shield

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The WaterLOG® model H-380 is a Relative Humidity / Temperature Probe. It combines a high accuracy, capacitance type humidity sensor and temperature sensor in one probe. The H-380 is a well proven, accurate and durable sensor.

H-380 Relative Humidity / Temperature Probe and Radiation Shield

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Accurately measure atmospheric temperature and relative humidity.



  • Reliable data acquisition and long term calibration-free operation
  • Well proven humidity sensor resists condensation and contaminants
  • Temperature measurement with precision RTD probe provides fast response and high accuracy
  • Linear voltage or current output signals for transmission over long distance
  • Operating temperature range of -40° to 60° C
  • Fully interchangeable HygroClip module is quicky replaced in the field with no loss of accuracy and no calibration
  • Sealed, corrosion-resistant, and nonconductive enclosure
  • Digital and analog outputs
  • Low heat absorption color





Data Input 

Rotronic Hydromer® C94 (capacitive)

RTD Pt100 Ohm, 1/3 DIN
Wire mesh filter (standard) / foam filter (optional)
0 to 100 % RH and -40° to 140° F (-40° to 60° C)
± 0.8% RH and ±0.1° C / 0.5° standard calibration
Better than 0.5% RH and 0.1 degrees F( degrees C)

 Data Output





 0 to 100% RH = 0 - 1V

-40° to 60° C = 0-1V

(-40° to 85° C = 0-1.25V)

15 ft. (5m.) for direct output up to

325 ft. (100m.) with signal amplifier



 0.02% RH and 0.06 degrees C

 0.004% RH and 0.004 degrees C

 < 0.7 seconds




H-380 Housing

 Length: 3.94 in. (100 mm)

Diameter: 0.59 in. (15 mm)

*Maximum cable length 15 ft. (5m.) for direct output up to 325 ft. (100m.) with signal amplifier.

H-380-SS Radiation Shield Housing

 4.7 in. (12 cm) diameter x 10.6 in. (27 cm) high. Mounting fits vertical pipe 1-2 in. (25 to 50 mm) diameter.

Material H-380 Polycarbonate, white
H-380-SS Radiation shield UV stabilized white thermoplastic plates aluminum mounting bracket, white stainless steel U-bolt clamp.
Weight H-380 0.5 oz. (14g.)
H-380-SS Radiation Shield 1.5 lbs. (0.7 kg.)
Connection H-380 Bayonet cap on mounting connector
H-380-SS U-bolt clamp

Power Requirements

Protection Grade IP65 (probe to connector)
Supply Voltage 3.5 - 50 VDC
Current Consumption < 4mA
Minimum Excitation Time < 4 seconds
EMC Compatibilty (CE) EN-50081-2, EN50082-2

 Radiation Shield

The H-380-SS is a natural aspitation shield. Optimum protection against rainfall and sunshine. Suitable for horizontally incident rain up to 68 km/h.


The probe is a digital humidity temperature plug-in probe with two analog output signals and a one-wire digital output.


The WaterLOG® H-380 is warranted against defects in materials and workmanship for two years from date of shipment.

Specifications subject to change without prior notice due to ongoing commitment to product testing and improvement. LR  February 15, 2011. D46 0211.

Catalogs & Brochures

H-380 Brochure

WaterLOG Product Guide






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