FAQs & Top Tech Issues

Have a technical question and need an answer fast? We know your time is valuable, that's why we put together a list of our top tech questions and answers for your convenience. If you don't see your question listed here, feel free to contact technical support or call us at 435.753.2212 (option 2).

  • Where can i download product literature?
  • What's the difference between Storm Central and Storm Local?
  • Where can i download the latest firmware for my equipment?
  • My GOES transmissions have stopped coming in, or are sporatic. What should i do?
  • After connecting to the XL Series Data Logger using my laptop, i'm seeing a lot of strange characters on Hyper Terminal or Tera Term.
  • What do i do if i am unable to communicate with my newly installed SDI-12 sensor?
  • What is "Mapping" and how do I complete this on the WaterLOG Radar Series?

Brochures, manuals and getting started guide links can be found on the left hand side of WaterLOG product pages.

Storm Central is a cloud-hosted data collectin platform allowing you to view your Storm 3 site data 24/7 via internet connection. Storm Local is a similar version that is installed on a single PC (per license) and hosted on your local server.

For a complete list of feature comparisons, view this PDF.

You can find the most current firmware for your product on the specific WaterLOG product page under the 'Software' tab.

It is beneficial to go to the site and do a physical check of all the components (data logger, radio, solar panel, antenna, power cables, etc.).Check the battery and wiring, and note what time of day it stopped coming through. If the problem exists at night, then it could be a bad battery that cannot handle the power draw anymore (therefore it cannot transmit when the sun isn't out).

Typically this is due to a setting in the program called "Emulation" which should be set to VT-100. Try this first and if it does not fix it, check the settings in the data logger under "Serial Port" setup.

A typical issue that we can run into when adding an ASI-12 sensor to an existing installation is address conflict. All SDI-12 sensors connected to the data logger must have different addresses. To verify this, attach the SDI-12 sensors to the data logger one at a time and check the address by sending the * or ? command. The sensor should then respond with its own address. To set the sensor address to the desired address, use the "aAb!" command, where a = current address and b = desired address.

This document should help you. If you still have questions, feel free to contact us.