Communication Equipment

WaterLOG offers a range of communication devices for maximum reliability on site. Once you find the one you like, click on it for product features, specifications,  literature sheets, and more!

WaterLOG GOES Transmitter (H-2221-V2)

Certified GOES Transmitter (H-2221-V2)

The WaterLOG Certified GOES Transmitter (H-2221-V2) is a rugged instrument approved for self-timed and random transmissions in Binary, ASCII or Pseudo-binary data formats. The compact system contains a built-in GPS...

SDI-12 Interfaces

WaterLOG SDI-12 Interfaces provide an easy solution to combine the advantages of SDI-12 with other output options. With multiple options to choose from, WaterLOG is the industry leader in providing SDI-12 interfaces. See our interface...