Meteorology Sensors

WaterLOG weather sensors are designed specifically for extreme weather conditions worldwide. Multiple sensors can be integrated into our meteorological monitoring systems to provide a full meteorological monitoring station for many weather monitoring and forecasting applications. Our sensors can also be coupled with our data logger / telemetry solutions and integrated into a complete monitoring solution.

Brows the weather sensors below. Once you find the one you like, click on the image for specific product features, specifications, literature and more!

WaterLOG Rain Gauge

SDI-12 Rain Gauge (H-3401)

Whether you're new at rain measurement technology or know the systems like the back of your hand, you'll love the features of the SDI-12 Tipping Bucket Rain Gauge (H-3401)—such as the built-in...

WaterLOG Wind Sensor

High Performance Wind Sensor (H-375)

Want rugged durability with all the accuracy of a light weight wind sensor? The High Performance Wind Sensor (H-375) is built rugged to survive harsh environments, yet light weight enough to produce accurate horizontal...

WaterLOG Relative Humidity / Temperature Probe (H-380)

Relative Humidity / Temperature Probe (H-380)

The sensor's sealed, corrosion-resistant and nonconductive housing resists condensation and contaminants, to make data collection hassle free. Now, with long term calibration-free operation, the WaterLOG® Relative Humidity /...

WaterLOG Barometric Sensor (H-378)

Barometric Sensor (H-378)

While housed inside a vented data recorder enclosure for protection and easy interfacing, the Barometric Sensor (H-378) provides accurate atmospheric pressure measurements for your site. This highly stable, rugged...

WaterLOG Silicon Pyranometer Sensor (H-3791)

Silicon Pyranometer Sensor (H-3791)

The Silicon Pyranometer (H-3791) combines ruggedness and reliability, bringing you a unique sensor designed to measure global solar radiation within all types of applications and studies. Its highly stable silicon...