Certified GOES Transmitter (H-2221-V2)

WaterLOG GOES Transmitter

The WaterLOG Certified GOES Transmitter (H-2221-V2) is a rugged instrument approved for self-timed and random transmissions in Binary, ASCII or Pseudo-binary data formats. The compact system contains a built-in GPS receiver and allows adjustable transmit power to attain high data accuracy. The instrument operation is based on version 2.0 of the DCPRS certification standard to ensure reliable performance.

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Designed specifically for transmitting sensor readings over the GOES satellite system, the Certified GOES Transmitter (H-2221-V2) is capable of linking to any XL Series, System H-5000™ or Storm 3 data logger.

Other Features Include:

  • Supports 300 and 1200 BPS
  • Low standby power (6 mA typ)
  • Three status LEDs
  • Operates up to one month without a GPS time sync
  • Menu driven setup interface
  • Programmable power output
  • Two RS-232 ports
General Transmit Power

300 bps 7.1 wattsmax (38.5 dBm)
1200 bps 8.0 watts max (40.49 dBm, carrier only)
GOES Antenna 11 dBi gain, right hand circular polarization
Adjustable 1.4-8 watts
Channel Bandwidth 750 Hz (300 bps)
2250 Hz (1200 bps)
Transmit Frequency Initial accuracy ±5 Hz (with GPS Sync)
Short term stability < 1Hz/sec
Ageing ±1 ppm/year (removed via GPS)
Range 401.70100 MHz to 402.099250 MHz (GOES)
Response Time Initial ±100 microseconds (via GPS)
Drift ±8.5 ms/day (-40° to +50°C)
Temperature ±0.20 ppm
GPS Updates Every 12 Hours (programmable)
GPS Receiver
Input NAVSTAR GPS L1 code
Channels 16
Frequency 1.57542 Ghz
Antenna Passive or active
Format Lattitude, longitude, altitude and time
Acquisition Sensitivity -149 dBm
Tracking Sensitivity -159 dBm
Time (PPS) ±62ns to UTC time
Acquisition Time

Hot start: 2.5 seconds

Warm start: 34 seconds

Cold start: 39 seconds

Housing Size

203.2 mm W x 152.4 mm L x 101.6 mm H

(8.0 in W x 6.0 in L x 4.0 in H)

Housing Material



GOES Antenna

Type N

SMA, female, 50-)hm

GOES Antenna

Type TNC

MCX, female jack, 3.3 volt bias

Power Connector 2-position, 5.08 mm, Phoenix 1757019
Power Plug 2-position, 5.08 mm, Phoenix 1757019
USB Type B (device)
RS-232 DB-95 (host mode only)
Power Requirements Voltage Input

11.0 to 16.3 V (12V nominal)

6 mA type (sleep, GPS off)


33 mA type (sleep, GPS on)

2.9 A type (transmitting)

Host & Auxiliary Interfaces
Type 2-ports, RS-232, DCE
Baud Rate 9600, fixed
Protocol printable ASCII
General Specifications
Operating Temperature -40 ° to +60 ° C
Storage Temperature -40 ° to +85 ° C
Humidity 0 to 100% non-condensing
Indicator LEDs 3 (Fault, GPS-On, RF-On)
Fail-safe fault reset Push button or software
Self-timed & random transmissions, Protected against open of shorted antenna, Measured forward & reflected RF power, Configuration stored in non-volatile flash memory, Auto Diagnostices available
Certification NOAA/NESDIS V2.0 for Self-timed and Random transmissions.
Warranty The WaterLOG® GOES Transmitter is warranted against defects in materials and workmanship for twenty-four months from date of shipment.

Options & Accessories


9-pin Female to 9-pin Male


GPS Dome Antenna


Satellite transmitter lighning protector


GOES 401.8 MHz Antenna with Pole Mount


GOES 401.8 MHz Antenna with Side Mount


GOES antenna cable, Type N Male/N Male, 20 ft. (6.1 m)


GPS antenna cable, Type TNC Male/N Male, 20 ft. (6.1 m)

H-224-GPS (-50, -75)

GPS antenna cable, Type TNC Male/N Male, 50 ft. (15.2 m);

GPS antenna cable, Type TNC Male/N Male, 75 ft. (22.9 m)

H-224-G (-50, -75)

GOES antenna cable, Type N Male/N Male, 50 ft. (15.2 m);

GOES antenna cable, Type N Male/N Male, 75 ft. (22.9 m)