Stormwater Monitoring Systems

Storm Water Monitoring System

Our versatile Stormwater Monitoring Systems provide an advanced way to measure parameters such as water level, quality, and velocity in real-time. These systems are custom designed to fit your site specifications, meet almost any compliance criteria, and protect the public. Receive SMS text and/or email alarm notifications through Storm Central when a sample has been taken, and of other alarm criteria—such as a parameter exceeding a maximum limit. Deliver real-time data via cellular or radio modems to individual computers or customized private or public web sites. Both portable and permanent systems are available for your monitoring needs. Whatever your application, whatever your mission, we have a solution for you.

  • Features
  • Components include: level, precipitation, water quality, velocity, flow sensors and automated samplers
  • Data loggers initiate sampling routines based on event criteria
  • Portable systems: aluminum chests or fiberglass clamshell boxes
  • Permanent systems: mast-mounted, metal walk-in sheds or constructed walkways and platforms

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Stormwater Monitoring

Stormwater Monitoring: The Do's, Don'ts and Must Haves!

Stormwater monitoring doesn't have to be an overwhelming undertaking for your organization. With proper site, sensor and equipment selection, your site or network can be up and running in no time. Our team of application specialists and engineers are dedicated to resolving your compliance criteria and remote monitoring challenges. Let us help your organization avoid a costly learning curve which could result in a loss of time, money and valuable data.