Relative Humidity / Temperature Probe (H-380)

WaterLOG Relative Humidity/Temperature Probe (H-380)

The sensor's sealed, corrosion-resistant and nonconductive housing resists condensation and contaminants, to make data collection hassle free. Now, with long term calibration-free operation, the WaterLOG® Relative Humidity / Temperature Probe (H-380) features outputs and simple field maintanance options to fit your application.

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The Relative Humidity / Temperature Probe (H-380) combines a capacitance type humidity sensor and temperature sensor to deliver accurate measurements from one compact, durable probe.

Other Features

  • Temperature measurement with precision RTD probe provides fast response and high accuracy
  • Linear voltage or current output signals for transmission over long distance
  • Operating temperature range of -40° to 60° C
  • Fully interchangeable HygroClip module is quicky replaced in the field with no loss of accuracy and no calibration
  • Digital and analog outputs
  • Low heat absorption color

Data Input

Rotronic Hydromer® C94 (capacitive)
RTD Pt100 Ohm, 1/3 DIN
Wire mesh filter (standard) / foam filter (optional)
0 to 100 % RH and -40° to 140° F (-40° to 60° C)
± 0.8% RH and ±0.1° C / 0.5° standard calibration
Better than 0.5% RH and 0.1 degrees F( degrees C)
Data Output 0 to 100% RH = 0 - 1V

-40° to 60° C = 0-1V

(-40° to 85° C = 0-1.25V)15 ft. (5m.) for direct output up to

325 ft. (100m.) with signal amplifier

 0.02% RH and 0.06 degrees C
0.004% RH and 0.004 degrees C
< 0.7 seconds
MechanicalH-380H-380-SS Radiation Shield¹

 Length: 3.94 in. (100 mm)

Diameter: 0.59 in. (15 mm)

*Maximum cable length 15 ft. (5m.) for direct output up to 325 ft. (100m.) with signal amplifier.

4.7 in. (12 cm) diameter x 10.6 in. (27 cm) high.

Mounting fits vertical pipe 1-2 in. (25 to 50 mm) diameter.

Material Polycarbonate, white UV stabilized white thermoplastic plates aluminum mounting bracket, white stainless steel U-bolt clamp.
Weight 0.5 oz. (14g.) 1.5 lbs. (0.7 kg.)
Connection Bayonet cap on mounting connector U-bolt clamp

¹The H-380-SS is a natural aspitation shield. Optimum protection against rainfall and sunshine. Suitable for horizontally incident rain up to 68 km/h.

Power Requirements
Protection Grade IP65 (probe to connector)
Supply Voltage 3.5 - 50 VDC
Current Consumption < 4mA
Minimum Excitation Time < 4 seconds
EMC Compatibility (CE) EN-50081-2, EN50082-2
General Specifications
Other The probe is a digital humidity temperature plug-in probe with two analog output signals and a one-wire digital output.
Warranty The WaterLOG® Relative Humidity/Temperature Probe (H-380) is warranted against defects in materials and workmanship for twenty-four months from date of shipment.

Options & Accessories


12-plate solar radiation shield