SDI-12 Interfaces

SDI-12 Interfaces

WaterLOG SDI-12 Interfaces provide an easy solution to combine the advantages of SDI-12 with other output options. With multiple options to choose from, WaterLOG is the industry leader in providing SDI-12 interfaces. See our interface options below.

  • Interface Options

H-4161 SDI-12 to 4-20mA Interface

Designed for easy data viewing, The H-4161 SDI-12 to 4-20mA Interface has a built-in LCD display which shows the current SDI-12 data of the attached sensor. This interface allows any SDI-12 sensor to be connected to a PLC, RTU, or other device that reads 4-20mA signals.

Features include:

● Precision 16-bit 4-20mA current output
● 1000V output isolation from the SDI-12 bus
● Can monitor the SDI-12 bus for a specified sensor address and data parameter
● Can initiate measurements to an attached sensor
● Programmable "Max" and "Min" data set points for automatic data scaling
● Manual "set" of the 4-20mA output using an extended SDI-12 command
● Two SDI-12 ports

H-423 SDI-12 to RS-485 Interface

Ideal for systems that need more length, the H-423 SDI-12 to RS--485 Interface extends the distance between the SDI-12 sensor and SDI-12 recorder. Two units are required—one at each end.

Features include:

● Extends an SDI-12 bus up to 4000-feet
● Differential signaling provides noise immunity
● Enhanced lightning protection
● No programming or setup required
● Transparent operation (works with all sensor addresses, commands and responses)

H-4191 RS-232 to SDI-12 Interface

The H-4191 RS-232 to SDI-12 Interface provides a link between an SDI-12 sensor and computer (or other device that requires an RS-232 connection).

Features include:

● Provides both electrical and protocol interface functions between RS-232 & SDI-12
● Works with any sensor command/response message including vendor specific extended
● Buffers the command so no special timing is required.
● Generates proper parity for the SDI-12 bus.
● Automatically sends SDI-12 retries.
● Passes the sensor service request to the host.
● Supports optional CTS/RTS hardware flow control for a slow host device.
● Low power mode facilitates use with a RS-232 data radio.
●LED shows when the H-4191 is awake.
● Built in "sensor" can measure the battery voltage.
● Auto-Scan feature supports low-power operation with telemetry radios

H-4280 8-channel Anaglog to SDI-12 Interface

Designed to increase the number of analog sensors connected to an SDI-12 data logger, the H-4280 8-channel Analog to SDI-12 Interface converts analog signals to SDI-12 signals for any SDI-12 recorder. It also supports 0-5v and ±5V operations.

Features include:

● Works with any SDI-12 compliant data logger
● 8-analog input channels
● Supports unipolar (0-5V), bipolar (±5V) and differential (0-5V & ±5V) operation.(Inputs must remain between 0 and +5V)
● 24-bit A/D makes up to 12 measurements per second
● Precision 5.0V reference output for sensor excitation
● Sensor warmup time (excitation) is programmable
● Low power sleep operation (<400μA)
● Programmable data averaging
● Programmable slope, offset and format settings for each of the 8-channels
● Built in extended SDI-12 commands for setup and configuration.
● Plug-in terminal connectors

H-4501 SDI-12 to Fiberoptic Interface

Ideal for applications with severe interference caused by heavy electrical equipment or radio communication, the H-4501 SDI-12 to FIberoptic Interface allows SDI-12 communications to be extended to very long distances with a fiber optic link.

Features include:

● Simple to install, use, and maintain
● Fiberoptic link is immune to lightning, electrical noise, voltage surges, spikes and ground loops
● Range up to 2000m (1.2 miles)
● Multiple media converters can be daisy chained together
● Multiple H4501 modules can be interconnected in either a bus or ring architecture. When connected in a complete ring, the network provides fault tolerant operation. The link will continue to work even if one node is powered off or a fiber is disconnected or broken anywhere in the ring.
● Transparent operation, no setup or configuration needed
● The data logger can be connected to any node
● One or more sensors can be connected to any node
● Wide input power range (9 to 16 V).
● Works with multimode 62.5/125 micron glass fiber
● Two ST connectors (Tx & Rx) for each port
● Green LED indicates proper DC power
● Red LED indicates network activity