SDI-12 Precision Inclinometer (H-335)

WaterLOG SDI-12 Precicion Inclinometer (H-335)

The SDI-12 Precision Inclinometer (H-355) was a meticulous way to measure the angle (position) of radial water control gates over a wide range without breaking the bank. Its simple design worked with any SDI-12 data logger and could be interfaced with SCADA systems. And to make life even better, it automatically calculated both gate height and arc lengths for you. With the gravity referenced sensor, the Inclinometer's water tight enclosure could be installed practically anywhere on the gate, making it an ideal solution for unique sites.

The SDI-12 Precision Inclinometer (H-355) was retired in mid-2014 and is no longer available.  Product documentation can still be downloaded here to the left.