Surface Water Monitoring Solutions

Surface water can be affected by land use, agricultural practices, pollution and climate change. We understand that monitoring surface water, requires significant investments in time and money. WaterLOG and other Xylem brand instruments provide the reliable data you need to act quickly, work efficiently and reduce costs.

Our instruments work together to provide water monitoring systems that play a key role in improving water quality and site efficiency, while allowing for early warning and rapid response. Incorporate water quality and meteorological sensors, along with our data logging and telemetry solutions, to create a complete early warning monitoring system with real-time alarming and alerts.

Whether looking to measure surface water in rivers, streams or lakes, WaterLOG monitoring and gauging instruments are renowned for their robustness, ease of use and practicality. We are committed to helping you solve your toughest water challenges.

Take a look at our Surface Water Capabilities Brochure for more Xylem brand product solutions, or visit our Surface Water Monitoring Systems page to custom design a system for your site!

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Surface Water Monitoring Systems

WaterLOG Products

WaterLOG Nile Radar Series

Nile Radar Series

Non-contact Water Level Sensor

NEW Nile Series 502/504/517 models! Designed for non-contact water level measurement, the WaterLOG Nile Series (502/504/517) combines high accuracy with an out-of-the-box measurement range of up to 70 m. The rugged, innovative design was inspired for installation on a bridge or other structure over the water—making this series ideal for sites that may have ice or other instrument-damaging debris. Its reliable interface and simple SDI-12 communication ensure seamless integration with current water monitoring stations. With three models to choose from, the Nile Series is sure to meet your water monitoring needs.

WaterLOG Storm 3

Storm 3 Data Logger

Our simple, reliable, and smallest data logger

The Storm 3 data logger incorporates a balanced set of inputs for analog, digital I/O and SDI-12 smart sensors to allow communication through cellular modems and GOES satellite. You'll love how easy it is to configure and log data using the browser-based graphical user interface (GUI) with all standard web browsers on PCs, tablets and smart phones. You can also view your password-protected and public data anywhere with internet access using our cloud hosted data collection solution Storm Central. Pair the Storm Central Data Collection Platform with the Storm 3 data logger and you've got one mean data-collecting machine that you can access anytime, anywhere.

Surface Water Monitoring System

Surface Water Monitoring System

Designed for quick and easy installation

Our Surface Water Monitoring and Telemetry Systems are designed for quick and easy installation at fixed monitoring locations. These systems are based around our innovative Storm 3 data logger and integrate data from our multiparameter water quality, meteorological and streamflow monitoring sensors. Systems are available with a wide variety of real-time communications options (cellular, GOES satellite and Wi-Fi), are housed in a NEMA 4X enclosure, and include a battery, solar panel and antenna.These systems include one year of Storm Central, and where applicable, one year of cellular telemetry.

Other Xylem Brands



Multiparameter 6-port Water Quality Sonde with Anti-fouling Wiper

The EXO advanced water quality monitoring platform includes the versatile multiparameter EXO2 sonde for oceanographic, estuarine, or surface water applications.It is an extremely versatile instrument, allowing the user to automatically configure a sondewith different sensor for different applications in minutes.

YSI Pro Plus

YSI Professional Plus

Handheld Multiparameter Instrument

The YSI Professional Plus handheld multiparameter meter provides extreme flexibility for the measurement of a variety of combinations for dissolved oxygen, conductivity, specific conductance, salinity, resistivity, total dissolved solids (TDS), pH, ORP, pH/ORP combination, ammonium (ammonia), nitrate, chloride and temperature. Also a very powerful lab instrument for BODs, pH and ORP.

SonTek RiverSurveyor

SonTek RiverSurveyor® S5 and M9

A new perspective to the notion of measuring open channel hydraulics

Using SonTek's exclusive SmartPulseHD®, multiple acoustic frequencies are fused with precise bandwidth control for the most robust and continuous shallow-to-deep discharge measurements ever. A deterministic microcontroller expertly apportions the proper acoustics, pulse scheme, and cell size to get the highest definition possible so you can focus on the measurement, not the instrument setup. The system even has a vertical beam for precise channel definition and it's all designed to work intuitively

SonTek-SL Series

SonTek®-SL Series

a simple way to measure water velocity and level in open channels

The SonTek-SL (affectionately known as the Side-Looker or "SL") has earned worldwide acceptance as a long-term monitoring solution. Now, with two new (3G) models turbo-charged by our proprietary SmartPulseHD®, the SonTek-SL features accessories, mounting options, software, and a variety of integration formats to ensure it fits your application.

YSI Systems Buoy

YSI Integrated Systems Buoy

Designed for long-term water quality monitoring

The bay buoy is a medium-sized platform suitable for near-shore and inland water applications. It is designed around logging, sensors, and remote telemetry. The bay buoy platform will deliver data for years, making it suitable for research and long-term monitoring applications.